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April 29 - May 1


The Atlantic Dance Gathering is an opportunity for us, as dance artists and industry professionals from the Atlantic provinces, to come together to build and strengthen relationships. We come together to collectively consider the conditions of dance ecologies in the Atlantic region and to understand what lies next.


What are possible futures of resilience, abundance, and interdependence? Centering dance makers, and emerging from a deep respect and love for all dances created and shared throughout our region, this gathering - away from our daily interruptions – will give us a chance to recognize our unique identities, roles, and our collective responsibilities.


A 3-day gathering, with facilitated conversations and programming supported by Jenelle Duval, Michèle Steinwald and Sadira Rodrigues. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided each day.

What is it?

ADG Documents

Project Collaborators

Calla Lachance (Neighbourhood Dance Works)
Candice Pike (Neighbourhood Dance Works)

Elayne Greeley
Jalianne Li

Jenelle Duval

Josh Murphy

Julia Carr
Keira Loughran (Atlantic Ballet)
Liliona Quarmyne (Live Art Dance)

Michèle Steinwald
Possesom Paul
Robyn Breen (Neighbourhood Dance Works)
Sadira Rodrigues

Santiago Guzmán
Sara Coffin (Mocean Dance)
Sarah Johnson (Connection Dance Works)
Sarah Prosper
Susan Chalmers (Atlantic Ballet)
Susanne Chui (Mocean Dance)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the event be live-streamed?

Some (not all) aspects of the Gathering will be live-streamed on days 2 and 3. At this time, the live-stream events will be conducted in English only.

  • Should I apply for my own travel grant? 

If you wish to have 100% of your travel expenses covered, and you have capacity to prepare your own travel request, then we encourage you to apply. Letters of support can be provided upon request.

  • What if my results don’t come out before the Gathering? 

Given the timeline, it is likely you won’t receive travel request results before the Gathering (Canada Council for the Arts deadlines are typically 12 weeks). However, if you filled out the form and requested support by March 8th, you will still be offered a partial travel subsidy. Any costs above and beyond the subsidy, would be at your own expense. *keep in mind we can help find ways to reduce overall travel costs - i.e. pairing your with a billet.

  • Who buys my flight? 

Each individual is responsible for purchasing their own flight. The eventual travel subsidy represents a contribution to those costs.  Note: the deadline for requesting a travel subsidy has now passed.

  • Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, folks can cancel their registration for any reason (including insufficient travel support). Please email  as soon as possible to let us know if you will not be attending. If you have already been issued a travel stipend by Neighbourhood Dance Works, you will have to return the payment.

If there is a question that has not been addressed, please let us know. 
NDW is a small organization, with a small administrative team, but a big vision for the Atlantic Dance Gathering. We are working hard alongside a wonderful team of committee members and facilitators to realize this effort. Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ and for understanding our current capacity, which is contingent on outstanding funding proposals.

Atlantic Dance Gathering 2024 Schedule
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