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April 29 - May 1


The Atlantic Dance Gathering is an opportunity for us, as dance artists and industry professionals from the Atlantic provinces, to come together with the intention of building and strengthening relationships. To build bridges that allow for knowledge sharing and learning and to identify opportunities and imagine possibilities for the future. The Gathering will be facilitated with a process that centres practices of care and joy in the ways we come together.


By being together and sharing, we hope to better understand who we are as a region, what we are doing, and what is needed to imagine possibilities for the future.

What We Aim To Do

If you would like to learn more, share your thoughts and desires about the gathering, and receive updates on the registration process, please fill out the form through the link below.

Our Next Steps

Project Collaborators

Calla Lachance (Neighbourhood Dance Works)
Candice Pike (Neighbourhood Dance Works)
Jalianne Li

Jenelle Duval

Josh Murphy
Keira Loughran (Atlantic Ballet)
Liliona Quarmyne (Live Art Dance)

Michele Steinwald
Possesom Paul
Robyn Breen (Neighbourhood Dance Works)
Sadira Rodriguez
Sara Coffin (Mocean Dance)
Sarah Johnson (Connection Dance Works)
Sarah Prosper
Susan Chalmers (Atlantic Ballet)
Susanne Chui (Mocean Dance)

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