Photo credit: Dayna Szyndrowski

Photo credit: Dayna Szyndrowski


Raíces y Alas Flamenco

Friday, September 28, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Christina Penny - Flamenco dance and Palmas

Sean Harris - Flamenco cante

Marijn Companjen - Flamenco guitar

Anthony Tucker - percussion

Michelle Harding - Flamenco Dance

Andrea Williams - Flamenco Dance


Michelle Harding

Michelle began her flamenco dance training in Vancouver with Oscar Nieto in 2001 and began performing two years later. Since then she has developed into one of the city’s most experienced and sought-after tablao performers. Beyond this traditional style of flamenco, she has collaborated with artists from outside the usual scope of the form to experiment, innovate and challenge expectations. She has worked with such diverse artists and groups as The Plastic Acid Orchestra, Tyson Naylor (jazz pianist), Mashregh (Persian-flamenco fusion), Wen Wei Wang (contemporary dance), Krystle dos Santos (jazz-soul singer) and Silk Road Music Ensemble.

Michelle has been involved in the Raíces y Alas Flamenco project since its inception and has danced in dozens of professional presentations including performances at the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, Victoria Flamenco Festival and many productions with Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre. Michelle has studied flamenco and classical Spanish dance in Spain, Greece, Canada and the USA with funding from the Canada Council. She teaches at Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy.


Andrea Williams

Andrea is a major contributor to Vancouver’s artistic community with her experimental and provocative approach to flamenco. She has produced, choreographed, and danced in the sold-out productions of Raíces y Alas (2010), Voces (2011), Colores (2012), Pairings (2013), and táctil (2015, 2016). Her choreographies have also been featured at notable Vancouver dance festivals such as New Works, B.C. Buds and the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival. She was an invited soloist for the New Works: Dance AllSorts 2014 season and for Mozaico Flamenco’s 2015 productions of “Viñetas del Mozaico” and “Three Sides of a Coin”.

As a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts grant for Professional Development (2009), Andrea embarked on an extended comprehensive study period in Seville, Spain, at Escuela Matilde Coral and with renowned teachers Ángeles Gabaldón, Isabel Bayón and Rafaela Carrasco. With the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts and the British Columbia Arts Council, she spent the first part of 2016 living in Seville studying intensively with the legendary Belén Maya, a master of contemporary flamenco and bata de cola, and Cristina Hall, an innovative multi-media flamenco artist.


Sean Harris

Born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland, Sean Harris began singing from a very early age. He started taking classical voice lessons at age five and continued to do so, into his early twenties.

A versatile performer, Sean has performed classical, blues, rock, Cuban, and gospel, as well as with various vocal ensembles. He eventually discovered flamenco, and his training in Canada and Spain with teachers Evelyne Benais, Juan del Gastor and Patricio Tito helped him develop a flamenco voice that has been described as “rich, soaring and heart-rending”.

Sean began his flamenco career singing for El Viento Flamenco, a troupe that was founded by Evelyne Benais in St. John’s in 1996. His "voz clara" was described as the most defining element of El Viento Flamenco's sound, setting them apart from other flamenco troupes around the world. As a member of El Viento, Sean has written, collaborated and performed with orchestras across Canada. Highlights included premiering new works with Christopher Palmer and the Symphony Nova Scotia in 2004 and 2006, as well as with the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec in 2007, the Victoria Symphony in 2008, and the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra in 2010. Sean is an East Coast Music Award winner, having received an ECMA in 2007 for Best Traditional Group Recording of the Year with El Viento Flamenco.

Since 2010, Sean has been a member of Halifax based flamenco troupe Compañía Azul. With writing partners and fellow members Daniel MacNeil and Bob Sutherby, Sean has performed new works with the Victoria Symphony (2012), the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (2013) and most recently with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (2018).

Currently, Sean performs regularly with the band A Herd of Men and is a regular fill-in vocalist and keyboard player with the band Billy and the Bruisers. He has also been a featured soloist in Our Divas Do Christmas for the past two years.

In 2017, Sean was privileged to perform in the flamenco show Volver with Andrea Williams and Michelle Harding of Raíces y Alas. He is looking forward to performing in this years’ Festival of New Dance Flamenco Residency and Community Performance.


Marijn Emanuel

Marijn “Manny” Emanuel was born in The Netherlands and has studied and performed in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Canada. Manny teaches Classical, Flamenco, Rock, and Bass guitar as well as ukulele and cajon. His repertoire is a compilation of Flamenco, Spanish, Classic, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Folk music and brings twenty years of teaching experience. Manny began his training with his first guitar lessons at the age of five. He studied classical guitar with Louis Ignatius Gall a student of master guitarist Andres Segovia at Conservatorium Hogeschool, a renowned musical conservatory in The Netherlands. In 1994, he began taking lessons in Flamenco guitar. It conquered his heart and led him to study with triple Concurso de Cordoba winner Paco Serrano, Spain and with flamenco guitarist and master Luthier Francisco Manuel Diaz in Granada, Spain. Manny is also an accomplished flamenco percussionist, having extensive experience playing both the cajon and the udo. His professional flamenco career started in 1996 when he became a guitarist and percussionist for the flamenco group Potage. He has also been a member of: Norte y Sur (1999) and Fuego Andaluz (2001-05). Manny’s has been performing, and accompanying Flamenco dance classes for over two decades and has worked extensively with renowned flamenco dancers, singers, guitarists and percussionists around the world. He has toured with the Televised Paperclip Magazine Tour, a rock and jazz group in The Netherlands in 1996. Manny moved to St. John’s in 2005 and has made local appearances performing with the World Jazz Orchestra at the St. John’s Jazz Festival (2005), as Featured Performer in TADA productions Our Divas do Christmas III (2007), Sound Symposium’s World on a String concert (2011), collaborated with Karen Kaeja, Memorial University’s Dancer in Residence, and a group of local dancers on Touch, Memory and Solitude in Improvised Dance (2014), performed in Invocacion Y Danza, a live music and dance concert conceptualized by guitarist Sylvie Proulx, and featuring original choreographies by Christina Penney, Colleen Quigley and Corie Harnett (2016).” Manny has performed with many celebrated local musicians like Juno award winner Duane Andrews and appeared several times on Roger’s Channel 9 Out of the Fog and CBC Radio in the past seven years. Manny holds a Bachelors of Music from Memorial University.


Tony Tucker

Tony Tucker ‎is a percussionist from St.John's who started playing drum kit at the young age of 10 in church alongside his parents who played piano and organ. Throughout his teens he recorded and toured with diverse bands ranging from rock, traditional and folk including ECMA nominees The Danette Eddy Band and Potbelly. In the mid-nineties Tony began studying world percussion. His primary focus on the traditional rules of Flamenco, West African, Middle-Eastern and Latin percussion.

Tony's passion for West African music has led him to study under master djembe players Famoudou Konate, Mohamed Kalifa Kamara, Mamady Keita and M'Bemba Bangoura. He's performed and traveled with five piece drum ensemble Fola specializing in Guinean percussion. The group has played two times at the annual Victoria Day Festival in Bermuda, The Atlantic Jazz Festival, Multicultural Festival and Drum Festival in Halifax, NS.

In 1997 Tony joined the group El Viento Flamenco, wherein he has perfected the complex hand clapping so integral to the art of flamenco and has added Cajon, Bongos, Darbuka and udo to the groups sound. El Viento has released three cd's, one of which has won an ECMA for Roots/Traditional Recording of the Year(2007). The group has played with Symphony Nova Scotia, the Quebec, Thunder Bay, Edmonton and Victoria Symphonies, as well as the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, Atlantic Festival of Lights, PEI Folk and Jazz Festival, The Atlantic Film Festival and the prestigious Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival.

SKRSA -5015.jpg


Shay Kuebler Radical System Art

Monday, October 1, 8pm, LSPU Hall



Keiran  Bohay

Aiden  Cass

Isak  Enquist   

Tia  Kushniruk

Shay  Kuebler

Katie  Lowen

Odile-Amélie  Peters

Calder  White

Danny  Nielsen  

Artistic  Direction and  Choreography: Shay  Kuebler

Tap  Choreography  and Improvisation:  Danny Nielsen

Sound  Design:  Shay Kuebler  and Kate De Lorme

Sound  Technician:  Kate De Lorme

Technical  Direction: Ian  Low

Light  Design:  Craig Alfredson,  Eric Chad and Shay  Kuebler

Video  and Projection  Design: Eric Chad   

Video  Technician:  Nathan Dery

Company  Management:  Belsher Arts  Management


Radical  System Art  board of directors

President:  Heidi Hudson

Vice-President:  Robert McDowell

Directors:  Martha Carter  and Denis Walz   

Music  samples  and sources:   BadBadNotGood   Floating  Points

Telemetry  co-producers  and collaborators: The  International Chutzpah! Festival;  The Dance Centre and  Dance Foundation; Artspring  Theatre; Vernon  and District  Performing Arts Centre; The American  Dance Festival


Shay  Kuebler – Artistic  Director, Choreographer,  Performer and Sound Designer

Shay  has been  an independent  dance artist in  the city of Vancouver  and Montreal for the past  8 years. Along with his successes  as a collaborator and co-director,  he has had the honor of performing and  creating his own work for international dance  festivals and dance companies across Canada. As a  performer, he’s performed with Kidd Pivot, Holy Body  Tattoo, Animals of Distinction, and The 605 Collective.  As a choreographer he’s worked with Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, Citieballet,  Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, L’Ecole de Danse du Quebec, Simon Fraser University  and London Contemporary Dance School and as a co-founder of The 605 Collective,  he co-directed and co-choreographed 3 projects with the company. With a foundation  in the martial arts, he is constantly searching for how physical performance can be  finely tuned yet retain an instinctual and raw quality. As a dance artist, whose professional  performing and choreographic career has spanned the disciplines of Tap, Hip Hop, neo-classical Ballet  and Contemporary, Shay also looks at how all techniques can reinforce and strengthen each other. That  technique, when used in an instinctive manner, can be integrated into any other form. Creating cross-disciplinary  works that create a greater potential and capacity for each form utilized in performance.


Danny  Nielsen – Tap  Choreographer and  Performer

Danny  Nielsen  is originally  from Calgary, AB,  he began his rhythm  tap career as a founding  member of MADD Rhythms Canada under  the direction of Lisa La Touche. In  his hometown, Danny was hired by the highly  regarded jazz company Decidedly Jazz Danceworks,  which lead to having featured choreographies in their  productions of Tinge and Tone and 25.He has been a part  of productions A Chronological Life Story of a Few Tap Dancers in  Vancouver, Stark Pulse in Seattle, and the original tap dancer in the  creation of Taps and Twang with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. In  the spring  of 2012,  Danny was the  recipient of the  Santa Aloi Award from the Scotiabank Dance Centre. He  later used that grant to create  and direct his first full-length production Love.Be.Best.Free. He  is currently touring this  project across the MiBC Network through  February and March of 2017.


Hayden  Fong – Rehearsal  director and Associate  director

Hayden  first started  dancing at his  high school in Vancouver,  BC with urban dance styles like Bboying,  House, Popping and Hip Hop. After deciding  to pursue a career in dance he trained for two years  at the Drive Scholarship Program. There he studied many  other styles from Ballet and Jazz to Ballroom and Contact  Improve, as well as introducing him to contemporary dance. His  true passion now lies in mixing his knowledge of urban dance like  musicality, power, and isolation, with the techniques of contemporary dance  like improve, artistic exploration and patience. In the commercial scene Hayden  has worked on music videos for artists such as Ash Koley, and Nelly Furtado,  movies like  Jinxed and Step  Up 5, as well as  live events for groups like  Warner Brothers and the 2010 Winter  Olympics. As a Contemporary Dancer he  has worked with large shows like Kinesis Dance’s Box4,  Shay Kuebler’s Karoshi, 605’s Inheritor Album, Marta Marta  Hops Speaking in Ligeti. He has also trained with many companies  such as RUBBERBANDance, and EDAM Dance.

Hayden  strives to  master every  task he is confronted  with, from starting dance  late  he understands the  push that is needed,  and is using all of his  knowledge to step into the  world of acting. He is actively  working to balance a career in both  the Contemporary and Commercial dance, as  well as developing his own style to make his  own stamp in the dance world.


Keiran  Bohay –Performer

Keiran  Bohay was  raised in the  small town of Wainwright,  Alberta. At age 8 he began training  in tap, eventually taking on other various  dance styles such as jazz, lyrical, contemporary,  hip hop and ballet. At the age of 13 he took a brief  break from dance to perform in The Citadel Theatre’s production  of Peter Pan and Oliver!, giving him his first taste of professional  work. Throughout his time in Vancouver he has gone on to Choreograph Tap,  Contemporary, Broadway, and Jazz for local Vancouver training programs such as  ITP (Intensive Training Program), Source Dance Company, and Aviary. He has performed  Musical Theatre with the Arts Club (Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast), Contemporary  work with Shay Kuebler’s Radical System Art (Telemetry), and has gone on to dance in many  hit tv series and movies (CW’s the Flash, Disney’s Descendants 2, ABC’s Once Upon A Time, CW’s  No Tomorrow etc.) Known for his energy, comedic personality and unique style, Keiran has gone on to  perform and choreograph throughout the world, and can’t wait to share his passion with you!


Aiden  Cass – Company  Apprentice and Performer

Born  in North  Vancouver B.C.  Aiden first channeled  his high energy into a  Hip Hop class at aged 10 and  quickly discovered a strong passion  for movement, music, performance and community.  He began his training with North Shore Academy of  Dance and quickly moved into their competition and performance  groups, eventually joining NSADs Half Day Program. After graduation,  Aiden continued to focus on maturing his artistic craft by joining Modus  Operandi in 2015. Since his time training with MO, Aiden has worked with the  likes of Rob Kitkos, Company 605, Emmalena Fredriksson, Vanessa Goodman, Serge Bennathan,  David Raymond, Tiffany Tregarthen, Kate Franklin, and Shay Kuebler; as well as many other  artists in the Vancouver community. Throughout Aidens training career he has received the Live  Love Dance Scholarship, Fresh Groove Intensive Scholarship, two Half Day High Achievement Awards, and  the opportunity to participate in the International Youth Dance Festival 2018 held in Macau, China. Aiden’s  love for performance, artistry,  and the community  that dance creates,  push him to explore not  only the depths in which he can  go in his own practice, but to investigate  and connect with the many different practices  taking place across dance communities over the world.


Eric  Chad –Projection  and Video designer

Eric  is a lighting  and projection designer  based in Vancouver, B.C.  with a primary focus is in interactive  projection design, generative design, infrared  tracking, and show control/integration. Eric received  his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of  British Columbia. Eric’s recent design credits include works  with Out Innerspace Dance Theatre (Major Motion Picture, New Creation),  Joe Ink (4our), Moose and Moa Theatre Company (The Art of Being Alone),  Chuthis. Group (Smile Masking, Face Her), Twenty Something Theatre & Hardline  Productions (Wide Awake Hearts),  and the UBC  Dep’t of Theatre  (The Bacchae 2.1).  Eric is a touring member  of Kidd Pivot, and designed/programmed  the single-operator show control system  used in their current work Betroffenheit.



Kate  De Lorme –Sound  Design and Sound  Technician

Kate  is a Vancouver  based Sound Designer  and Audio Engineer with  experience across the field  of technical theatre. She completed  her Audio Engineering Certification at Okanagan  College in Kelowna, BC. Kate graduated from the  University of British Columbia in 2015 with a Bachelors  of Fine Arts, majoring in Theatre Design and Production.  Recent credits include: Mom’s The Word - Arts Club Theatre; Salmon  Girl - Raven Sprit Dance; Major Motion Picture - Out Innerspace Dance  Theatre . Her recent works include: Semi-precious, The Choreography Walk,  Family Dinner, Family Dinner: The Lexicon, Back It Up, Enters and Exits and  COPY. Her choreographic projects have been  presented  at Vancouver  Art Gallery (FUSE),  Agora de la Danse, Canada  Dance Festival, The Western Front,  Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dance  in Vancouver, New Dance Horizons and The Music  Gallery.



Nathan  Dery –Video  Technician

Nathan  is a technician  and producer based  in Vancouver, Canada.  Nathan has years  of experience designing  and managing both film and  live events. His previous experience  most includes; Uninterrupted, an ambitious  3D projection map of a film onto the underside  of a bridge above a Vancouver park, Production Manager  with TED Conferences, Vancouver International Film Festival, PUSH  Festival, and Tough Mudder. He believes that inspiring people with  beauty and knowledge can be the face of change in society today.


Isak  Enquist  - Performer

Raised  in rural  British Columbia,  Isak Enquist began  his formal training in Shotokan  Karate, studying martial  arts for eight years before  being introduced to dance as a  structured form. Isak moved to Vancouver  at age sixteen to explore contemporary dance  and further training, searching to use a kinetic  understanding of martial arts in alternative forms  of movement. He began his post-secondary dance education  with the Simon Fraser School for Contemporary Arts, where  he studied for two years before continuing his studies with Modus  Operandi. Isak has also taken part in summer intensives with The Ailey  School in Italy and New York City, as well as selected by Wen Wei Wang to  take part in a choreographic workshop through Dance Victoria in 2017 and 2018.  Through his education in Vancouver, Isak has had the pleasure of working with choreographers  such as Crystal Pite, Wen Wei Wang, Company 605, Serge Bennathan, and Vanessa Goodman.As an emerging  dancer, he has recently had the opportunity to perform works by Jennifer Mascall and Noam Gagnon, as well  as performing with Out Inner Space Dance Theatre on an international tour in 2017.


Sarah  Hutton –Company  Apprentice and Performer   

Sarah  Hutton was  born and raised  in Hanna, Alberta  where she discovered  her love for movement at  the early age  of five, when she  took her first Highland  dance class. Sarah continued  her early dance education throughout  southern Alberta in jazz, tap, and hip-hop  and began to choreograph on herself and other  students. She moved to Vancouver in 2013, joining the  Source Dance Company under the direction of Joanne Pesusich.  In 2016, she was chosen for a scholarship at EDAM Dance under  Peter Bingham, where she began to study contact improvisation. Her  new curiosities led her to  her most  recent training  platform with Modus  Operandi under the direction  of Tiffany Tregarthen,  David Raymond,  and Kate Franklin.


Tia  Kushniruk  - Performer

Tia  Kushniruk  was born in  Edmonton, Alberta  and is now based in  Toronto.She graduated from  The School of Toronto Dance  Theatre in 2017, and joined Toronto  Dance Theatre for their 2017/2018 season.  She has had the pleasure of working with  Antony Hamilton, Paul Andre-Fortier, Peggy Baker,  Christopher House and Jasmyn Fyffe. Kushniruk collaborated  with Christianne Ullmark in the presentation of a solo work  for the 2018 Beijing Dance Festival. She is currently invested  in researching the relationship between presenter and viewer specifically  the subjectivity of the referential body of the audience versus the proper  time of the individual, and the resulting effect that manifests. Kushniruk is  excited to be joining this next season with RSA.


Ian  Low – Technical  Director

Ian  studied  Film Production  at Vancouver Film  School in 2007 before taking  diverting  to a slightly different  path outside of school and  diving deep into theatrical production,  broadcast and corporate videography. Notable  technical leadership roles include Video Director  for AHL hockey team (Calgary Flames affiliate) and Production  Coordinator for TED Conferences in Vancouver, Banff, California,  New York and Brazil. Passions range from Theatre, Cinema, Photography,  Travel and Music.


Katie  Lowen -  Performer

Born  in Lethbridge,  Alberta, Katie trained  and competed as a national  level gymnast until later moving  to Vancouver to pursue a university  basketball career. Katie played on  the Simon  Fraser University  women’s basketball  team for four years,  competing in the NCAA division  II, and serving as co-captain. After  earning a Bachelor of Business Administration  (2015) in finance as a three time Academic All-American,  she joined Modus Operandi under the direction of Tiffany Tregarthen  and David Raymond. Through the Modus Operandi training program, Katie  has performed new creations by Emmalena Fredrikkson, Rob Kitsos, Vanessa  Goodman, and Outinner Space Dance Theatre. She has  also had  the pleasure  of apprenticing  with Radical System  Art (Shay Kuebler), OURO  collective, and the response.  dance company (Amber Funk Barton).


Odile-Amélie  Peters - Performer

Odile-Amélie  Peters was born  in Montreal and grew  up in Quebec City. Having  started

her  career  in urban  dance, she  then decided  to undertake her  studies in contemporary  dance. She received her diploma  from L’École de danse de Québec  in 2012. Throughout her career, Odile  has worked with the Québec companies Le Fils  d’Adrien danse, Danse K par K, Compagnie WXWS, Geneviève  Duong - With Company 605 in Vancouver and Anne Plamondon in  Montreal. She is now working for Skeels Danse Montréal, Alan  Lake Factori (e) and she recently joined the company Radical System  Art in Vancouver.  She has a strong  desire to pursue her  learning and her artistic  development by participating in  numerous workshops/intensives such  as ImPulsTanz in Vienna, The Domaine  Forget, Springboard Danse Montréal for two  consecutive years, Company 605 winter intensive, TransFormation  Danse and Radical System Art summer intensive. Odile-Amélie Peters  has been a grant recipient from the Domaine Forget by RUBBERBANDance  Group in 2012, from TranFormation Danse in 2015 and she has received many  grants by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Première Ovation.  She is a passionate, curious and determined dancer who aspires to expand her artistry.


Calder  White – Performer   

Calder  White grew  up in Niagara  Falls, Ontario, where  he studied competitive dance  for eight  years before  joining Toronto’s  Canadian Contemporary  Dance Theatre in 2011.  He has performed in styles ranging  from contemporary Aboriginal dance to  urban street forms and tap and has originated  roles in work by Colin Connor (José Limón Dance  Foundation), Shay Kuebler (Shay Kuebler/Radical System Art),  Kora Radella (BOOMERANG), and Alexander Whitley (Alexander Whitley  Dance Company). In the  spring  of 2018,  Calder graduated  Summa Cum Laude from  the Department of Dance  at the  Ohio State  University. During  his time at Ohio State,  he was fortunate to study  under Bebe Miller, Crystal Perkins,  Sofie Clemmensen and Eddie Taketa, as  well as choreographing and presenting his  own work in and around Columbus, Ohio. Calder’s  research interests lay in physicalizing sensitivity  and cathartic release.


Photo credit: David Hou

Photo credit: David Hou


Sinha Danse

Tuesday, October 2, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Choreography, text and Dance / Roger Sinha

Dancers / Mark Sawh Medrano

Text / Hanif Kureishi / Roger Sinha

Original Music / Charmaine Leblanc, Dino Giancola, Voice Ganesh Anandan / Other Music / Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,Gurpeet Chana. Johann Strauss / Musical Design and Direction / Roger Sinha / Taj Mahal Created By / Alain Cadieux /

Wardrobe / Josée Gagnon /

Lighting / Caroline Ross /

Technical Direction / Jacques Pilon



Roger Sinha was born in England to an Armenian mother and an Indian father. He grew up in Canada where he graduated from the Toronto Dance Theatre, drawing inspiration from his cultural background to develop his unique language of movement and personal choreography. He draws his vocabulary from contemporary dance, martial arts, ballet with subtle hints of Barata-Natyam. “Sinha is a creative powerhouse whose onstage presence is as generous as it is captivating”- Voir, 1995



Mark is a graduate of the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2011. He has worked professionally with Gearshifting Performance Works, C. Medina Dance (Austria), Odette-Heyn PROJECTS, Stephanie Ballard and Dancers, Julia Sasso, Johanna Riley, and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers’ emerging company Verge. After graduation, he continued as a company dancer with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers from 2011-2013 performing works by Brent Lott, Sasha Ivanochko, Roger Sinha, and Rachel Browne as well as continuing his work with independent Winnipeg choreographers. He now lives in Montreal and has been working independently with Sinha Danse since March 2013, as well as WooMeMyth Productions, Sylvain Émard Danse, Sinha Danse, Constance Cooke (Victoria), W&M Physical Theatre (Calgary), Bouge de La, and Fortier Danse Creation.

Devils Purse.jpg


Catherine Wright

Tuesday, October 2, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Created and performed by Catherine Wright

Outside Eye: Kate Story

Lighting Design: Brian Kenny

Video editing: Kailey Bryan

Sound advice and editing: Lori Clarke



Catherine Wright is a multidisciplinary artist who has been active in the NL community for over 25 years as an arts practitioner, educator and advocate. She has presented at theatres, schools, galleries, outdoor sites, community centres for events including Festival of New Dance, St. John’s Storytelling Festival, Art Fusion, Sound Symposium, Tombolo Festival, Killdevil Fair and more. Catherine’s performance work often interweaves movement with storytelling and song. She draws inspiration from personal experiences and the natural environment as can be seen in past shows Seasons of Change (presented in NL schools); Cow One, Cow Two; The dress I bought with Patrick to wear to the Italian Embassy, but didn’t; Seaborne, Deep Spirals; MoonFlights and others. Catherine also creates hand-painted and printed silk scarves which she has displayed at juried exhibits, craft fairs and shops. She is a dedicated arts educator, recipient of the 2016 Memorial University Arts in Education Award, administered by ArtsNL.

Photo credit: Ed Maruyama

Photo credit: Ed Maruyama


a Brian Solomon Electric Moose production

Wednesday, October 3, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Interpreted by Brian Solomon and Mariana Medellin-Meinke



Multiple Dora and Gemini Award nominated Brian Solomon is of Anishnaabe and Irish descent, from the Northern Ontario village Shebanoning-Killarney. He is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and holds a MA of performance from the Laban Center. Solomon has presented his works across Canada, Berlin, Ingolstadt, Bamberg, Amsterdam and London. Solomon has performed for a multitude of choreographers and companies across Canada, the US and Europe. He has also taught for several arts institutions and companies, including one of Europe’s foremost universities for acting, H.F.S. Ernst Busch (Berlin).



She’s a Mestizo artist of Mexican descent. The focus of her studies are in classical ballet and contemporary performance art. Mariana is an interpreter, creator, street artist and her artistic path is overall influenced by social and cultural understanding. Her main concern is to expand the art viewer demographics and to question value systems. She’s created art via performance, dance, installation in México, Canada, Palestine, Jordan and Germany. She has developed artistic and life-long relationships with Brian Solomon (Anishnaabe/Irish), Daina Ashbee (Cree/Dutch), Jumana Dabis (Palestinian), and with The Dietrich Group-D.A. Hoskins. Mariana is a Dora Award recipient.

Photo credit: Kenneth J. Harvey

Photo credit: Kenneth J. Harvey


Lois Brown

Thursday, October 4, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Choreographer: Lois Brown

Composer: James O’Callaghan

Lighting Design and operation: Phil Winters

Projection Design and operation: Pat Dempsey

Dramaturgy: Thea Patterson and Emma Tibaldo

Additional dramaturgical contribution: Andrea Cooper


lois brown

LOIS BROWN is an original member and past Curator of Neighbourhood Dance Works and past Artistic Animateur of RCA Theatre Company. Her work has been presented at HarbourFront, Tangente, Live Art and Neighbourhood Dance Works. In 2005, The Canada Council for the Arts awarded her The Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for outstanding achievement in theatre by a mid-career Canadian artist. She has been recognized for her contribution to the arts in Newfoundland and Labrador with an Artist Achievement Award, The Rhonda Payne Award, and most recently the YWCA Women of Distinction Goodwill Award. Lois holds a BA (Drama) from University of Alberta, and a Masters from Memorial University, where she has taught acting and directing. From 2010-13, Lois worked at Playwrights Workshop Montréal as Dramaturg and Artist in Residence. Her current interests are research and experimentation in live art, thing power, Pepper’s Ghost, Management aesthetics and (Dis) Arts.


James o'callaghan

JAMES O’CALLAGHAN is a composer and sound artist based in Montréal praised for his “mastery of materials and musical form” (Electromania, Radio France). His music has been described as “very personal… with its own colour anchored in the unpredictable.” (Goethe-Institut) His work intersects acoustic and electroacoustic media, employing field recordings, amplified found objects, computer-assisted transcription of environmental sounds, and unique performance conditions.

His work, spanning chamber, orchestral, live electronic and acousmatic idioms, audio installations, and site-specific performances, has been commissioned by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (INA-GRM), the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, Ensemble Paramirabo, Quasar quatuor de saxophones, and Standing Wave, among others. 

His music has been the recipient of many national and international first prizes, including the ISCM Young Composer Award (2017), the Salvatore Martirano Award (2016), the Robert Fleming Prize (2015), the Jeu de Temps / Times Play Awards and the SOCAN Foundation John Weinzweig Grand Prize (2014). Significant nominations include those for the Gaudeamus Award (2016) and a JUNO Award for classical composition of the year (2014).

Photo credit: Sarah Stoker

Photo credit: Sarah Stoker


Sarah Joy Stoker

Friday, October 5, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Creation/choreography - Sarah Joy Stoker

Performers -

Jacinte Armstrong

Mark Bath

Karen Fennell

Tammy MacLeod

Susie Paulson

Peter Trotszmer

Andrea Tucker

Sound score- Tapehead International with excerpts created by Neil Conway and Charles Quevillon

Light and video - Robert Gauthier

Dramaturge - Lois Brown


Sarah Joy Stoker

St. John’s, NL born and based, Sarah Joy Stoker works in the realms of contemporary dance, interdisciplinary performance and installation. She keeps issues of ecology and humanity as the focus of her work, believing that art is an active force in life and should therefore be a vehicle for action in our communities. Since graduating from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 1996, she worked as an independent dance artist in Toronto and Montreal performing her own work and that of other choreographers and companies nationally and internationally. Returning and being based in St. John’s, NL she works tirelessly to generate increased opportunities for creation, exploration and experimentation within the dance and interdisciplinary communities. Sarah worked as coordination manager, board member and chair of Neighbourhood Dance Works and the Festival of New Dance between 2003 and 2010. She continues to create her own dance and interdisciplinary work as well as collaborating with the local and national communities.


Jacinte Armstrong

Jacinte Armstrong is a Halifax-based dance artist who works with collaborators locally and across Canada. She performs regularly with Mocean dance and SiNS (Sometimes in Nova Scotia) Dance, and was the Artistic Director of Kinetic Studio from 2014-2018. She is currently pursuing an MFA at NSCAD University.


Mark Bath

Mark Bath is a visual artist and performer from Newfoundland. He is currently participating in Neighbourhood Dance Works' New Chapter project, developing dance performances with Anne Troake and Christopher House. In early 2018, Mark illustrated a comic called "The Monk," a collaboration with choreographer Tedd Robinson as a companion piece to Tedd’s new work “Love and Other Things.” In 2016, Mark completed a Bachelor of Design in Illustration at OCAD University. He works as a freelance illustrator and printmaker in downtown Toronto.

Karen Fennell

Corner Brook native Karen Fennell migrated to Montreal in 2004.   As a dancer, she has interpreted the work of choreographers Tedd Robinson, Sarah Joy Stoker, Dana Gingras, Susanna Hood, Erin Flynn, Sasha Kleinplatz and Eroca Nicols, among others.  She also creates her own eclectic performance work, often in collaboration with artists from other disciplines.

Tammy MacLeod

Tammy MacLeod is an improviser, a mover who uses states of presence to create. 

Susie Paulson

Montreal based, Susie Paulson has toured internationally with Compagnie Dave St-Pierre, Cas Public and Virginie Brunelle. She has collaborated extensively with Brooklyn based performance artist, Sarah H Paulson. She is co-founder of 'Le Broke Lab', an artistic initiative that acts as a springboard to artists of varying disciplines.  In 2015 she began collaborating with saxophonist Travis Laplante and shortly after with choreographer Genevieve Bolla.  Presently, she is working closely with Margie Gillis.


Peter Trotszmer

Peter has choreographed and performed work that has been seen around the world. He has a B.A. in Classics, studied at the Concordia U. Dance Dept., School of TDT.  He has worked and collaborated with many, Canadian, and international Choreographers and Directors. Peter also peruses his own work, and projects that inspire him including: his collaborative danse installation #boxtape as well as  an augmented reality piece with Zack Settle.

Andrea Tucker

Andrea Tucker is a St. John’s- based dancer, improviser, and teacher. A graduate of the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre, she has trained and worked with various local and national artists, including a variety of workshops and somatic intensives. Most recently, she participated in NDW's New Chapter dance project in the group processes of Anne Troake and Christopher House. Andrea has a BA in Linguistics and a Bachelors of Education. She teaches part- time within the English School District in St. John’s. Her expertise and experience with contemporary dance has greatly influenced her pedagogical philosophy and work with children.

Tapehead International

Tapehead International (NL) has been an ongoing sonic experiment for nearly three decades. With it's origins on the island of Newfoundland - Tapehead International has ventured throughout Canada and parts of America as a music creator - as well as tour and studio production support for numerous acts and agencies. Tapehead currently resides (again) in St. John`s, Newfoundland- Canada.


Robert Gauthier

Robert Gauthier is a lighting designer and technical director since 1998. He works for theatre, dance, opera, musical and anything in between. Over the past decade, he developed an interest in videography and the integration of video projection as set elements or lighting sources.

Until 2005, he has been active in Montreal and toured across Canada and western Europe. In 2005 he took the technical direction of the LSPU Hall for the Resource Centre for the Arts in St-John’s, Newfoundland.



LOIS BROWN is an original member and past Curator of Neighbourhood Dance Works and past Artistic Animateur of RCA Theatre Company. Her work has been presented at HarbourFront, Tangente, Live Art and Neighbourhood Dance Works. In 2005, The Canada Council for the Arts awarded her The Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for outstanding achievement in theatre by a mid-career Canadian artist. She has been recognized for her contribution to the arts in Newfoundland and Labrador with an Artist Achievement Award, The Rhonda Payne Award, and most recently the YWCA Women of Distinction Goodwill Award. Lois holds a BA (Drama) from University of Alberta, and a Masters from Memorial University, where she has taught acting and directing. From 2010-13, Lois worked at Playwrights Workshop Montréal as Dramaturg and Artist in Residence. Her current interests are research and experimentation in live art, thing power, Pepper’s Ghost, Management aesthetics and (Dis) Arts.

Photo credit: Pierre Manning

Photo credit: Pierre Manning


Zab Maboungou

Cie. Danse Nyata Nyata

Saturday, October 6, 8pm, LSPU Hall

Choreographed by : Zab Maboungou

Musical composition : Zab Maboungou

Dancers : Luis Cabanzo, Karla Etienne, Gama Fonseca, Mithra Rabel, Gabriella Parson

Musicians : Elli Miller-Maboungou, Bruno Martinez

Light and technical direction : Pierre Lavoie


Zab Maboungou

Zab Maboungou is recognized as a dance pioneer in Canada. Founder of the renowned Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, a performing and choreographic artist, philosophy professor and author of the book Heya ! Poétique, historique et didactique de la danse africaine, Zab Maboungou has distinguished herself on all artistic and cultural action fronts. Remarkably, her contribution brings together and transcends identities and genres, without ever diluting the knowledge and practices which she innovated and developed in this country with an unflagging consistency. Her movement technique, lokéto, is innovative and has won the favour of those who want to perfect their understanding of contemporary and African dance. She has always shown a strong commitment to create living art, in the noblest sense of the term, an art that has succeeded in embodying human beings and their times, beyond histories and communities. A unique itinerary reflecting the aesthetic with great poetic power. In 2015, Zab Maboungou/ Compagnie danse Nyata Nyata is the dance laureate of the 30th Grand Prix of the Montreal Art Council for the outstanding performance of the work, Mozongi, as part of the 25th anniversary at the SAT in 2014 and brilliantly performed by experienced interpreters. 


Gabriella Parson

Gabriella Parson studied at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, Ryerson University, and under the direction of Patrick Parson at Ballet Creole. Gabbie performed with Kids Creole Ensemble and was one of its founding members.

As a Ballet Creole member, Gabbie has toured and performed with the company across Canada and the Caribbean since 2003.  Gabbie has also danced in the United States, in summer 2012 as a student/apprentice, with Lula Washington Dance Theatre.

Since 2013, she has been a dancer with Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, performing in Mozongi.


Elli Miller-Maboungou

Elli learned to drum before he could walk, with Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, growing up in the studio. He is the company's most recent “memory”, having played with the great drum-masters. This has helped him perfect his own style. Elli has already taken part in several shows and conducted percussion workshops for young people across Canada. He has taught African dance classes here and abroad for many years. He recently formed his own Afro-jazz group Jazzamboka and continues to be the regular percussionist for several well-known Montreal bands. Jazzamboka won the Stingray Award for Best Music Composition at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2017.


Bruno Martinez

Bruno, a musician of Mexican origin specialized in the study of West African music, began his musical studies at the age of fifteen at the National Music Academy in Mexico City and went on to earn a diploma in musical theory from Trinity College of London. After arriving in Montreal, he became acquainted with many musicians, both African and Canadian, with whom he has performed in various festivals including Nuits d’Afrique (with the Tribaa and Bolokan ensembles, in particular). He also participates in projects such as Jeunes Musiciens du Monde. With the Bolokan ensemble, he won first place in the 2010 Syli d’Or competition. He joined Zab Maboungou / Nyata Nyata Dance Company in 2015.


Gamaliel Martinez Fonseca

Of Mexican origin, Gamaliel Martinez Fonseca studied dance therapy and choreographic design at the Centro Universitario de la danza. Since his arrival in Montreal, he has worked for various companies such as Destins-Croisés, Cirque Eloize, Cirque du Soleil, Opéra de Montréal, Les Sortilèges danses du monde, RUBBERBANDance and Tribaa Danse.

He joined Zab Maboungou / Nyata Nyata Dance Company in 2010 for Montreal by Night at the Société des Arts Technologiques.


Karla Etienne

Karla Etienne is a dancer and and administrative director with Zab Maboungou / Nyata Nyata Dance Company. She also coordinates the Programme of training and artistic and professional development in dance (PEFAPDA). Karla, the first graduate in the

programme, has taught dance at the Nyata Nyata studio for several years. Karla Étienne is regularly invited to sit on juries and consultative committees of the Canada and Quebec arts councils. She was vice-president of the Regroupement québécois de la danse and has been a member of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal Board of Directors since 2012.


Mithra Myth Rabel

Born in Montreal and of Haitian origin, Mithra Myth Rabel studied salsa, then house dance. Afterwards, she joined the Jack-O-Lution troupe, led by Irvin Dazl St-Louis. As a member of the only recognised troupe of house dancers in Canada, she has performed on several major stages in Montreal and New York City and become the new face of Montreal’s urban dance community. She has also taught house dance in Montreal for several years.

Mithra, who earned a Nyata Nyata training programme diploma in 2011, joined the company in July 2012, for the Montréal by Night tour of Cameroon.


Luis Cabanzo

Luis Cabanzo, from Bogota, Colombia, began dancing at the age of seven in a Colombian folk dancing company, Orkeseos. There he began his dance training and learnt to master different dance styles including Colombian folk dancing, salsa, ballet and contemporary dance. He has taken part in several festivals, in Colombia, in Canada and in Europe with the Orkeseos company. Luis Cabanzo now lives in Montreal, where he is continuing his studies at École de danse contemporaine and has been dancing with Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata since 2015.


Photo credit: Olivier Desjardins

Photo credit: Olivier Desjardins



Katia-Marie Germain

Monday, October 1, Tuesday October 2, 6:30pm

Gathering Place

Choreography, set design and sound:

Katia-Marie Germain


Marie-Gabrielle Ménard, Katia-Marie Germain

Rehearsal director and artistic advisor:

Lucie Vigneault



KATIA-MARIE GERMAIN is a Montreal-based choreographer and performer. Her works were performed in various festivals and venues in Quebec and abroad. She has been awarded research and creation residencies in Montreal, as well as international exchange programs in Belgium, Chile, France, and Italy. With an interdisciplinary approach, Katia-Marie uses visual arts composition strategies to question the choreographic field. Through movement, scenography and light, she creates environments which alter, renew or deflect the perceptions of both the dancer and the spectator.



MARIE-GABRIELLE MÉNARD is a 2001 Collège Montmorency graduate and a 2005 LADMMI graduate. In 2006, she founded MANDALA SITÙ, where Marie-Pascale Bélanger (L’Oeil du Pigeon_2006), Dave St-Pierre (Warning_2008), Manon Oligny (Tartare_2011), Louis-Martin Charest, Brice Noeser, Pierre Lecours, Normand Marcy and David Rancourt (Bijoux_2012 and Quartex_2013) and Virginie Brunelle (Monsieur_2014) have been invited to bring their works into production.


Photo credit: Pierre-Olivier Cadieux

Photo credit: Pierre-Olivier Cadieux


Simon Renaud

Thursday, October 4, Friday October 5, 6:30pm

Gathering Place

Created by Simon Renaud in collaboration with Joanie Audet
Performed by Simon Renaud and Joanie Audet


Joanie Audet

Joanie Audet started her training at Le Conservatoire de Danse de Montréal and then graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2011. During her final year, she met choreographer Simon Renaud and they entered upon a lasting artistic relationship.  She has performed in "les reines orphelines", "étude pour huit corps", and "noyé/e", all choreographed by Renaud.

She also worked for Jennifer Dallas from 2011 to 2014 with whom she co-created and performed two short pieces in Canada, Burkina Faso, South Africa and Russia.

Audet is equally involved in the world of circus. She takes joy in weaving dance into acrobatics and works as a rigger for The 7 Fingers in Montréal.


Simon Renaud

Simon Renaud is a graduate of The School of Dance in Ottawa. After entering the Toronto Dance Theatre as an intern (2010-2011), he became a member of Dancemakers (2011-2013) and joined the Ottawa Dance Directive for some projects. Simon is a member of company Daniel Léveillé Danse since 2014 premiered Quatuor Tristesse, Leveillé new work at the FTA 2018. He had the pleasure to join l’ensemble l’Abrupt in Paris for 2 projects. He also works for different independent choreographers such as Caroline Barrière, Darryl Tracy and Tedd Robinson for his creation FACETS. Parallel to his career as a dancer, he has been creating his own work professionally since 2011. He had the chance to present his work through many events: in Toronto ( Dancematters, p.s. we're all here, Summerworks, Artspin, Lo-Fi Dancemakers, She Was), Ottawa (Série Danse 10, Roughcut, ODD is OFF, Hype Frénésie Nuit Blanche and Les vitrines de l'avant-première), Montreal (OFFTA, Vue sur la relève and Zone Homa). L’inanité des bibelots, Simon’s latest work, got Andrew Hartley nominated for a Dora Mavor Award in the category best masculine performance.



Double Sure Theatre Co-Op

Monday, October 1, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

Director - Alex Fallis

Kafka - Patrick Foran

Felice - Emma Anderson

Stage Manager - Isy Lacombe

Puppet and Projection Designer - Michael Rigler

Playwright - Marie Jones

Dramaturg - Megan Gail Coles


Alex Fallis

Director - Alex Fallis is currently a Faculty member at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. In the fall of 2018, he will be directing their production of The Wolves. He is highly experienced in collaborative, devised, sound and movement-based creation. In 2015, he directed the world premiere of the ‘sonic theatre experience’ Dive. Her Closely continues this work by incorporating devised theatre creation techniques with shadow puppetry. He has performed across Canada, as well as in Asia and Europe. He received a Dora nomination for his performance as Feste in Twelfth Night (Dream in High Park).

Patrick Foran

Kafka - Patrick Foran is a St. John’s based theatre artist. Her Closely is his fourth production with Double Sure Theatre having previously appeared in Proud, Village Wooing, and Nail Biter.  He trained at George Brown Theatre School and has worked throughout Newfoundland and Ontario; highlights include: Brazil Square (girl power inc.), Pirates of Penzance, No Man’s Land, Nobleman’s Wedding (Rising Tide), The Baker’s Wife, Laius (George Brown), God of Carnage, Island in the Sky (Stephenville Theatre Festival), Twelfth Night (Driftwood Theatre), The Impressario (Milton Arts). Film/TV: Being Erica, Republic of Doyle (CBC), Infanticide, Incredible Violence (Hunting Party), The Care Package (Salient), Stolen (Ian Vardy).


Emma Anderson

Felice - Emma Anderson studied at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenfell Campus where she received a BFA in Acting.  Previous credits include Three Sisters (Grenfell), Romeo and Juliet (Grenfell), West Moon (Rising Tide Theatre), No Man's Land (Rising Tide Theatre), and Richard III (Wolf Manor Theatre Collective).  This is Emma's first time being a part of the Festival of New Dance, and she couldn't be more excited!


Isy Lacombe

Stage Manager - Isy Lacombe is happy to be working with Double Sure Theatre for the first time. She completed her studies in Technical Theatre Production at Grenfell. She was head of props at Stephenville Theatre Festival in 2017. Isy’s recent credits include Ring round the Moon and Agamemnon/Antigonick (Theatre at Grenfell), The Woman in Black and Constellations (Hard Ticket).

Michael Rigler

Puppet and Projection Designer - Michael Rigler is a film, television and web director, visual artist and performer. He trained at Ryerson Polytechnical (BBA Film/Photography) and Vanier College. For Double Sure he designed the puppets and projections for Her Closely. He also designs for Tara Manuel’s theatre, Shadowy Souls, including the touring shows Lady of the Falls and St. George and the Dragon. Michael shot, directed and produced Village Beat, Corner Brook Cafe and live music performances for Rogers TV. His film Tentacles Claw won Best Foreign Comedy at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival. He was named Corner Brook Artist of the Year in 2012.


Marie Jones

Playwright - Marie Jones is a theatre artist hailing from Lac Ste. Anne Co., AB. Her Closely is her first full-length writing. In NL she’s been a part of Persistence Theatre, New Curtain Theatre, the Stephenville Theatre Festival, Rising Tide Theatre and Artistic Fraud. Her work has taken her to stages across Canada and the US.

Megan Gail Coles

Dramaturg - Megan Gail Coles is a graduate of Memorial University, the National Theatre School of Canada and is currently completing an MFA at UBC. She is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Poverty Cove Theatre Company. Megan is currently working on her sophomore collection of short fiction and completing The Driftwood Trilogy of plays. Megan’s first fiction collection, Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome (Killick), won the BMO Winterset Award, the ReLit Award and the Margaret & John Savage First Book Award, and earned her the one-time Writers’ Trust Five x Five prize. Her debut novel, Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club, is forthcoming from House of Anansi Press in Feb. 2019. Originally from Savage Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula, Megan now resides in St. John’s where she works as the Executive Director of Riddle Fence and Special Projects Manager at Eastern Edge Galley.



Kevin Woolridge/ Temporary Theatre Company

Tuesday, October 2, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

written and performed by Kevin Woolridge


Kevin Woolridge

Kevin has been a Newfoundland-based theatre artist for over twenty years working both on and off the stage. Recent credits include: Writer/Director - and then the rain came (Temporary Theatre), Writer/Performer -  all the birds in their bird houses (Temporary Theatre), Head of Props - Guys and Dolls (Atlantic Light Theatre), Into the Woods and Dead Man Walking (Opera on the Avalon),    Director - Song of the Mermaid (IAM Theatre Festival) and The Mon Show (Kanutu Theatre),    Assistant Director - Tartuffe (National Arts Centre) and ...float...(Choral Canada). Most recently he appeared on stage in Between Breaths (Artistic Fraud). He is a past recipient of the Tommy Sexton Triple Threat Award, and holds a BFA (Acting) from Grenfell College and an MFA (Directing/Creation) from York University, where he focused on solo performance, mask, and movement.  


Photo credit: Riche Perez

Photo credit: Riche Perez


Lynn Panting

Wednesday, October 3, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

Lynn Panting- choreography

Andy Jones- performer

Kevin Woolridge- dramaturge


Lynn Panting

Lynn Panting is a Newfoundland performer and choreographer, known for creating innovative and accessible dance works for over a decade. She has created work for theater, musical theatre, puppets, circus, choral groups, film and television as well as self-producing her own shows which bring her vibrant work front and center with new audiences.

Panting is deeply committed to the growth of creativity and self-confidence through movement and likes to collaborate with individuals outside of the dance community. Panting holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Memorial University as well as a Master of Humanities concentrating in performance, dance and the body.



Aurélie Pedron

Lilith & Cie

Friday, October 5, 9:00pm, Saturday, October 6, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

Performance at FND2018 : Aurélie Pedron

Artistic direction and installation creation: Aurélie Pedron

In collaboration with the performers: Ariane Boulet, Karina Champoux, Marie Claire Forté, Annie Gagnon, Rachel Harris, Karina Iraola, Audrée Juteau, Linda Rabin, Catherine Tardif, Anne Thériault, Alexane Tremblay, Lucie Vigneault/Carol Prieur

Scenographer and assistant artistic director: Eduardo Ruiz Vergara

Sound Design: Michel F Côté

Outside Eye and Dramaturg: Kathy Casey



At the beginning of her career, AURÉLIE PEDRON produced 11 art videos that have been screened in 17 countries. She then undertook a master’s in dance creation at UQAM before investing space and the live body with a few solos and stage pieces: CHAIR (2011) and CORPS CAVERNEUX (2013, presented by Danse-Cité).

In 2013, Aurélie Pedron’s artistic quest was honed with the founding of Lilith & Cie. She invents the very sites for her installation performances, where artists channel perceptions and reveal images unthought of. ENTRE (2014, presented by Tangente), a nano-performance offered to one spectator at a time, became a signature piece for the company, earning the discovery award from the Prix de la danse de Montréal, presented by Agora de la danse and Tangente. In 2016, Danse-Cité presented LA LOBA, a choreographic circuit of 12 live installations in the former Institut des Sourdes-muettes in Montréal.

Alongside these works, the choreographer collaborates with marginalized youth. With them and through the support of the artist-run multidisciplinary centre DARE DARE, she created the micro-performances RÛE and MARGE (2014-2015). INDEEP, presented in 2016 and 2017, is a moving 10-hour performance for 10 blindfolded youth.


Eastern Edge Gallery Installation

Daniel Rumbolt


Daniel Rumbolt is an artist and arts administrator who grew up on the Great Northern Peninsula of the Newfoundland. He currently lives in St. John’s and is the Assistant Director of Eastern Edge Gallery, and serves as the vice-chair / national representative for VANL-CARFAC. His art practice includes ceramic sculpture, printmaking, and painting reflecting on his own memories and emotions of growing up in rural Newfoundland. His artwork explores the reality of contemporary art practices stemming from personal rural influences.

Daniel has shown his work in several juried shows, and galleries such as the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery in Corner Brook, Eastern Edge Gallery and the Peter Lewis Gallery in St. Johns, and Gatehouse Arts Gallery in Harlow, UK.