Spirit Song Dancer in Residence Program

photo of Meagan Musseau

photo of Meagan Musseau

The Spirit Song Dancer in Residence Program is produced by Neighbourhood Dance Works (NDW), in partnership with First Light Friendship Centre, Spirit Song Festival and The Arts and Culture of Newfoundland and Labrador. The residency fosters collaboration and exploration of dance in an indigenous-led process with three distinct artists, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Commencing in June 2019, Possesom Paul(NB), Rebecca Sharr(NL), and Meagan Musseau(NL) assumed the role of NDW’s Spirit Song Dancer in Residence Program. Under the direction of Possesom Paul, the artists will develop an original dance work that will culminate in a premiere presentation in Fall 2020. To share their developments, the artists will perform a “Curtain Raiser” excerpt at the Spirit Song Festival(Nov 2019) in St John’s. The long-term aspirations of this project will involve a lengthier creative process and technical residency at the LSPU Hall as well as continued youth outreach in the coming year.   

Red Rover

Linnea Swan   Yes

Linnea Swan


Lois Brown   I am a Genius Does Anyone Here Know Me?

Lois Brown

I am a Genius Does Anyone Here Know Me?

Red Rover, Red Rover, send dancers right over! Red Rover is a pilot project and partnership between NDW and Springboard Performance. This cross-regional exchange offers artists the opportunity to tour their work through a strategic partnership between two regional presenters while exposing audiences to new work and fostering future collaborations between artists. In 2019, NDW is sending Lois Brown (I am a Genius Does Anyone Here Know Me?) to Calgary, and Springboard is sending Linnea Swan (Yes) to St John's. Stay tuned for more Red Rover exchanges 2020!

NL Presentation Series

photo of Robyn Breen

photo of Robyn Breen

This year’s festival will see a number of emerging Newfoundland born artists featured in our mainstage alongside some of our most recognized and celebrated local artists. NDW has provided essential resources to foster creative opportunities at home and across the island that engage artists and their peers while putting building blocks in place for long-term artistic programming.

 Artists include: 

  • Robyn Breen– new solo work 

  • Hilary Knee- (of Corner Brook) dancing in work by Sharon B. Moore and co-presented in partnership with Candice Pike’s Corner Brook Dance Initiative

  • Robyn Noftal– new work created by Mateo Galindo Torres and commissioned by NDW

  • Alicia Grant – new work and precursor to 2020 community engagement project

  • Sarah Joy Stoker – new solo work, previously supported by NDW’s First Look

  • Andrea Cooper – new solo work with creation support provided by NDW

banner photo: Sarah Joy Stoker, photo credit Michael Luke