October 5, 3:00-6:00pm

Workshop with Mateo Galindo Torres & Robyn NoftalL

Instinctual exploration of body and voice

3rd Floor Dance Space Arts and Culture Centre

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In this 3 hour workshop we will explore moving and sounding from an impulsive and instinctual place. We will guide participants through improvisational task based exercises that will invite them to connect with their individual selves first, and then with the everyone else. We will develop tools to listen to our individual impulses while honouring and supporting the impulses of everyone.

Myriam Allard, photo credit: Levent Erutku

Myriam Allard, photo credit: Levent Erutku

October 11, 6:00-7:30pm

Workshop with Myriam Allard (la otra Orilla): Technique & Bulerias

3rd Floor Dance Space Arts and Culture Centre

October 12, 10:00-11:30am

Workshop with Myriam Allard (la otra Orilla): Technique & Bulerias

3rd Floor Dance Space Arts and Culture Centre

Cost: $30 per workshop or $50 for both.


Classes will start with a full body warm-up, bringing awareness on the breath and focusing on grounding the weight and the movement. The technical part of the class will include pulsation and rhythm exercises, zapateado / footwork technique, building stamina, and gaining fluidity in the movement. A solid flamenco technique is crucial. Not only is it your vocabulary, it is also gives you freedom, depth and nuance as a dancer. 

Class will also include improvisation exercises and choreography por bulerias. 

Myriam Allard

Sensitive to the world of music and dance from very early childhood, Myriam Allard’s life changed when she discovered flamenco. At the age of 21, she left Quebec to travel to Spain, where she lived for six years. After intensive training, she began dancing professionally at the traditional tablaos flamencos in Spain, Japan, France and Germany. Drawing strength from her rigorous European training and extensive professional experience, Allard’s dance breaks free of the traditional esthetic boundaries to develop an idiom that combines the instinctive and the impulsive with great sensitivity and refinement. She now lives in Montreal, where she founded La Otra Orilla in 2006 with singer and director Hedi Graja. Within this company, she has developed a unique choreographic expression and produced seven different shows that have toured Canada, the US, South America and Great-Britain with much success.

Myriam Allard has been teaching flamenco for 18 years and has taught in Québec, Canada, the US, Spain, Japan, Germany, France and Colombia. The level of her students goes from the very beginner to the professional dancer, age 3 to 75.

October 12, 2:00-5:00pm

Workshop with Alicia Grant 

Even if it's Clown

3rd Floor Dance Space Arts and Culture Centre

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One day I realized that my next artistic thrust might be clown. Clown: I've never done it before, except that maybe I have. Where did this impulse come from?

How can you give shape to the life that needs to be lived through you? Through our moving bodies, we might discover a complex system of how to listen, direct, and take action. Intuition is a huge bag. We don't have to logically digest it. Together, we will dance to big sounds and little sounds. We will make sound from the back of our brains and the bottoms of our feet.

Let's open the door to possibilities ~ even it it's clown.

banner image: Myriam Allard, photo credit Jeffrey Rosenberg