9:30pm - Masonic Temple

Photo by Squin Richie
Photo by Squin Richie

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Neighbourhood Drag Werks!
Barbra Bardot, \garbagefile, Honey Fury, Larinda Mood, & Newfound Lad



HINKYPUNK is a dance work that explores the conflation between identity, iconography and pop culture. Set on a 4x4x4 foot cube, with a 360 degree original sound score and projections, the piece is seen in the round to both involve and invite the audience into the work. The sequined costume that adorns the performers is familiar yet mysterious and alluring. Throughout the performance the viewer witnesses this sequined character go through a process of creating its own identity, while bombarded by versions of itself—physically, and with light, projection and sound. The protagonist undergoes a series of physical trials to the point of exhaustion, all under a lens of humour, glamour and entertainment. Based on Ralph Escamillan’s lived experiences as a queer artist, the work examines themes of queerness, anonymity and identity expression through the body.


Created by FakeKnot

Choreography: Ralph Escamillan

Dancer: Ralph Escamillan

Original New Media Projection & Lights Design: Sammy Chien/ Chimerik 似不像

Technical director and operator for lights, sound and video: Andie Lloyd

Composer/ Sound design: Stefan Seslija

Dramaturge: Justine Chambers

Costumes: Sonja Maus

Set Design: Peter Boulanger

Interpretive Contributors: Kevin Fraser, Rachel Meyer, Sara Formosa, Ted Littlemore, Cassandra Naud

Voice Actor: Kirk Wilson

Music Credits:

Shirley Scott “Corcovado”

Elvis Presley “Devil In Disguise”

Marilyn Monroe “I wanna be loved by you”

Frank Sinatra “I’ve got you under my skin”

Michael Jackson “Don’t stop til you get enough”


This project is co-produced by the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and made possible through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Ralph Escamillan

Ralph Escamillan is a queer, Canadian-Filipinx performance artist, choreographer and teacher based in Vancouver, BC. His work questions notions of identity, tradition and clothing, and the influence of pop culture in a globalising world. As the artistic director of FakeKnot, he develops inclusive and collaborative performance works that have been presented both nationally and internationally. Having ancestral roots in the Philippines, he’s fascinated by inquiries into what it means to be North American, especially within the context of cultural traditions, dance, music and costume in an increasingly interconnected global community. The exploration of how culture is created through the accumulation of ideas and concepts is at the center of his work. He has found the body to be a powerful vessel through which these ideas can be investigated—incorporating music, costume and new media design.


Sammy Chien

Sammy Chien 簡上翔 is a Taiwanese-Canadian immigrant and queer artist-of-colour, who’s an interdisciplinary artist, director, performer, researcher and mentor in film, sound art, new media, performance, movement and spiritual practice. With over 400 collaborative projects, his work has been exhibited across Canada, Western Europe, and Asia including Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the National Centre for the Performing Arts (Beijing), worked with pioneers of digital performance: Troika Ranch and Wong Kar Wai’s Cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and active in projects engaging various underrepresented communities. Sammy has been featured on TV and commercial such as Discorder, Keedan, CBC Arts and BenQ. Sammy is currently leading a dance research project “We Were One” and media arts project “Ritual-Spective 迴融”, both funded by Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council. Sammy is the official instructor of Isadora and Artistic Director of Chimerik似不像 collective. www.sammychien.com


Andie Lloyd

Andie Lloyd [she/he/they] is a queer [asexual/pan-romantic] + disabled [EDS & CPS] interdisciplinary artist and community advocate. Her artistic practice revolves around decolonial leftist ideology and therefore the principles of freedom of speech, self-determination, sovereignty and democracy. She encourages her community to investigate and find understanding of the systems of oppression and exploitation in a holistic and integrated way and recognise that our fights, against colonisation, neoliberalism, mass surveillance, police brutality are universal. While her primary medium is light [whether from a projector or the sun] — Andie works in a myriad of capacities, including as a technical director, production manager, digital platform consultant, lighting technician, visual artist, writer and new media artist. She was trained by Sammy Chien, with the helpful influences of Remy Siu, Milton Lim and the Troikatronix Community, and studied Theatre Production at Studio 58 in Vancouver. www.andielloyd.ca


Stefan Seslija

Stefan studied music with a concentration in Jazz at Wayne State University in Detroit. After which he worked as a freelance musician in the Windsor/Detroit area. Since then, he moved on to study sound design and audio post production at Vancouver Film School and has been working as a sound designer in the film and television industry for the past 9 years.


Kai Bryan

Kai Bryan aka \garbagefile is an award-winning visual artist, circus and drag performer based in St. John's, Ktaqmkuk. Kai's work plays in the monstrous and otherworldly, between desire and repulsion, using shapeshifting and alien forms to explore their lived experience as a nonbinary person. Their unique blend of aerial arts, gender bending, clown, and special effects have made them a celebrated staple of the local performing arts scene.

Neighbourhood Drag Werks!
Barbra Bardot, \garbagefile, Honey Fury, Larinda Mood, & Newfound Lad

Right after Fakeknot Arts Society’s presentation of Hinkypunk, stick around for an after-party Queer Cabaret featuring local drag and burlesque superstars! Your host for the evening, Barbra Bardot, will helm the show featuring \garbagefile, Honey Fury, Larinda Mood, and Newfound Lad.

Admission to the cabaret is included with your ticket to Hinkypunk.

Limited availability.

Doors open at 10:45 PM, show starts at 11 PM.

NOTE: Tipping is encouraged and welcome, as it is part of the drag/burlesque culture.

Bring your 5’s, 10’s and 20’s and show your entertainers some love when the host tells you how and when is best to tip. Oh, and have fun!


\garbagefile is St. John’s creepiest drag clown. Never the same twice, this bendy babe is a compelling conglomerate of creatures: a file directory, a shapeshifter, a compendium of beasts. From gin-swilling used washing machine salesman to futuristic contortionist, Backslash guarantees you thrills, chills, and all a manner of decadent seductions. Catch them prancing, scuttling, and flying around cabarets, drag brunches, art galleries, and circus events across the city. Backslash is the bronze winner of Atlantic Drag Star 2019 and a member of St. John’s stickiest drag collective, the Phlegm Fatales. Sometimes pretty, often strange, always the texture and consistency of expired milk, Backslash wants to unpack the dense suitcase of gender, litter the room with odds and sods, throw the whole suitcase out the window then demolish the building.

Barbra Bardot

Barbra Bardot, a come from away loving life on the Rock, moved to St. John’s August of 2020. After performing drag in downtown Toronto for 2 years professionally, alongside

a background in musical theatre performance, Barbra can now be seen strutting her stuff and dazzling audiences regularly in the St. John’s area and beyond. Barbra Bardot

breaks boundaries and brings boundless BLISS with her BOLD BEAUTY (and a bit of Broadway!) Known for sickening lip syncs and high-energy performances, Barbra

cannot wait to be a part of the Festival of New Dance!


Honey Fury

Sticky, sweet, and with a temper that matches her hair, Honey Fury is a veteran to the St. John's burlesque scene and has been regularly shimmyin', shakin', and stripteasin' her way across Canadian stages since 2008. An eclectic and eccentric ecdysiast, Honey was drawn to burlesque before she even knew what it was (major credit goes to Britney Spears' 2000 VMA performance and the Lady Marmalade music video that planted the seeds at the age of 14). A love of performance, dance, glitter, creative expression, and a general disdain for having to wear clothing provided the initial pull, and the community, confidence, and fun, sexy weirdness that followed has kept her hooked. When she's not in full burlesque mode, Honey can be found training, dancing, performing, and teaching with The Arch Method, a local, heels dance training program (formally Army of Sass) – a community of which she has been part of for the past 6 years (and counting)

Larinda Mood

Larinda Mood started performing in the St. John’s drag scene 9 months ago and truly hit the ground running. Though new to drag, she performs like a seasoned professional leaning on her background in theatrical performance. Larinda is inspired by so many monumental black women throughout history, as well as her own family, who exemplify black culture and black excellence. Becoming Larinda has brought a sense of wonder to her life and keeps her, and the audience, on their toes and in the mood.


Newfound Lad

Newfound Lad is a burlesque performer currently based in St. John’s. He is a member of BoylesqueTO, and has performed in festivals and cities across North America including the Burlesque Hall of Fame when BoylesqueTO won “Most Comedic!” Newfound Lad is ready to hook, line, and sink his way into your heart.