FND in partnership with Eastern Edge Gallery

Eastern Edge Gallery & The Festival of New Dance present a new creative exchange that explores intersections between visual arts and performing arts practices. This project is made up of two key components:

An experimental, interactive, collaborative space called The Guest Room. This fluid exhibition invites the public to imagine, animate and activate the gallery in relation to one’s own ideas, impulses and object association. Eastern Edge Gallery Hours are 12 – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday.

Lunchtime Series of performances held at Eastern Edge Gallery from October 1st – 4th.


FND 2018 Lunchtime Series

in partnership with Eastern Edge Gallery


Her closely

Double Sure Theatre Co-Op

Monday, October 1, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

In August of 1912, Franz Kafka met a woman named Felice Bauer at the home of his close friend, Max Brod. Within a few weeks, Kafka and Bauer began a relationship by correspondence that would last for five years. Throughout, Kafka lived in Prague and Bauer in Berlin, and they spent very little time actually together so the relationship was based solely on the letters they exchanged.   

Their relationship progressed rapidly. By early 1913 the subject of marriage is introduced, and a formal engagement was announced in April, 1914. However, the engagement was broken off that July.  Near the end of his life, Kafka asked many of his friends to destroy any correspondence they had received from him. Most refused, including Felice. As a result, the relationship between Kafka and Bauer survives in a one sided form. There are nearly 500 pages of letters from him, and none from her. This gap, or absence, is the opening into a dramatic re-interpretation of this relationship. We are required to imagine Felice’s reactions, and her feelings towards Kafka. While the timeline and general contours of the relationship are quite clear, a great deal is left to the imagination. It is this imaginary world that Her Closely explores and brings to life.

Incorporating puppets, projections, and a peculiar exercise regimen from the turn of the century Her Closely gives us an intimate view into the life of Franz Kafka.

Admission by donation (suggested $10) at the door (cash or credit)

all the birds in their bird houses.jpg


Kevin Woolridge 

TUESDAY, October 2, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

How many times can we pick ourselves back up? How many versions of ourselves have we left behind?
BROKEN is an excerpt of a solo mask piece currently in development that examines these, and other questions, as they relate to doubt, self-worth, and our personal relationships. BROKEN is being presented in the Temporary Theatre – an 18x12x8 portable micro theatre structure. The Temporary Theatre is an intimate space that encourages truthful performance, or very slick deception.

Admission by donation (suggested $10) at the door (cash or credit).


Lynn Panting

Wednesday, October 3, 12:00pm

Eastern Edge Gallery

For the thing I feared has overtaken me, and what I dreaded has befallen me.I am not at ease or quiet; I have no rest... -Job 3: 25

I want to throw myself at the floor… but what will I do when I get there? -Andy Jones

Rise and… , selflessly embodied by Andy Jones, is a kinetic exploration of grief and getting out of bed.

Admission by donation (suggested $10) at the door (cash or credit).