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The NL Dance Project

The Newfoundland and Labrador Dance Project  is an unprecedented three-year project uniting several generations of artists who were born and raised in Newfoundland and Labrador together in St. John’s to work with nationally-celebrated choreographers, Anne Troake and Christopher House.

Many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians choose to pursue careers in the performing arts, but our remote geography forces many artists to leave. Others remain, but face numerous challenges due to isolation.  The Newfoundland and Labrador Dance Project unites a team of dynamic dance, theatre and visual artists to collectively explore themes of belonging to this place.

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Tuesday, October 1- Sunday October 6

Craft COuncil of newfoundland and labrador

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Wednesday, October 2

5:30-7:30, LSpU HAll

Navigating Home: the NL Dance Project 2018, photo credit: Justin Hall

Navigating Home: the NL Dance Project 2018, photo credit: Justin Hall


Ann Troake Process Showing and Talk Back

Wednesday, October 2


Weather (working title) is a continuation of my exploration of collective movement. This particular research process draws on my continuing contemplation of a small pond near my home from moment to moment and throughout the seasons - the way in which the complex elements are in constant organizational flux but always in absolute harmony. 

The creative process is informed by an array of movement practices currently clustered under the heading “embodied” or “somatic”. I have developed some of the methods through my work over the years in the particular context of Newfoundland, and some I have learned from my colleagues and teachers Tedi Tafel and Margie Gillis. My thinking for this research project has been informed by Margaret Wheatley’s application of quantum physics to organizational structure and function. 

“We inhabit a quantum universe that knows nothing of itself, independent of its relationships.”

-Margaret Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science

Navigating Home: the NL Dance Project, photo credit: Jill Willcott

Navigating Home: the NL Dance Project, photo credit: Jill Willcott

This Is What We Know So Far

Christopher House Process Showing and Talk Back

Saturday, October 5


This thirty-minute performance work was created in the summers of 2017 and 2018 at The Gathering Place in St. John’s, NL. Its processes borrow from and build on my work with post-modern icon Deborah Hay. I chose to work this way to celebrate the open spirit and sense of adventure embodied in the NL Dance group.

Seventeen performers enter into a playful choreographic score, navigating and negotiating a sequence of events designed to foreground liveness through their skill with time, space, counterpoint, collective decision-making and paradox. They move forward with multiple virtuosities: being attentive to every member of the group in each passing moment while tracking their own experience; leading and following at the same time; shortening the space between impulse and action; and avoiding advance planning. Their movement is invented anew in each performance in response to what emerges. Their touch remains light. The score remains the same yet continues to evolve. C.H.

banner photo credit: Jill Willcott, NL Dance Project 2018