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Artist Spotlight: Amber Borotsik

Amber Borotsik is an Edmonton based creator and performer who most recently worked with Neighbourhood Dance Works on the Oderin Project. She just spent two weeks here in St. John's as part of the Oderin Residency we supported with Charlie Tomlinson, Agnes Walsh, Mallory Fisher, Vaida Narin, Cindy Stone, Bernardine Stapleton, Bridget Wareham.

1) Is there a piece of art you are drawing from/inspired by?

Yes! The stunning book of poems Oderin by Agnes Walsh. I’m writing this at the airport right now, sad to be leaving beautiful St. John’s where Charlie Tomlinson, Agnes Walsh, Mallory Fisher, Vaida Narin, Cindy Stone, Bernardine Stapleton, Bridget Wareham and I spent two weeks workshopping how these poems might live on a stage. 2. What have been your biggest challenges and inspirations creating during the past 2 years?

I suppose my biggest challenge has been navigating surprises. The surprises that life just naturally feeds us x the extra surprises of Covid = a maximum amount of sudden gear shifts. But I’ve actually loved embracing any space as a creation space - kitchen, bedroom, airport, whatever (floor work kind of gets lost but I’m trying to figure that out…). To create in many spaces makes me feel free and like anything is possible.

3. Has the experience from the past 2 years created new patterns in your life, new routines? If so, what are they?

I wind down my days earlier than I’d like to admit and wake up at an ungodly hour. Don’t ask what time, it’s embarrassing. Fingers crossed, just like the sun, my days will soon get longer. 4. What are some comfort foods that have soothed your soul during the pandemic?

I’ve really gotten into making soups, stocks, syrups and teas. My husband jokes that I’m obsessed with making artisanal waters.

5. What are you looking forward to? Dream projects, projects in the making, a good soup tonight, warmer weather?

I’m looking forward to summer and to dancing with others. Secretly I’m dreaming of the long form, sweaty improvisations of yore…

Here is a piece we workshopped in the thick of the pandemic. It’s called No Guesses Found and is created by myself and Jesse Gervais in collaboration with Dave Horak, Aaron Macri, Tori Morrison, Alison Yanota, Cole Humeny, Sheldon Elter, Rebecca Sadowski and Jeannie Vandekerkhove. It involves everything we can’t do just yet: artist/audience connection, sharing food, all the tricky things… so we’re biding our time with the vision that time will make it all the sweeter.


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