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Bygones by Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

On November 30th The Arts and Culture Centre and Neighbourhood Dance Works' proudly present: BYGONES by Vancouver's Out Innerspace Dance Theatre.

Bygones contends with a past that clings to the present; a psychic connective tissue that runs through space, people, objects and time. It explores the pact between creation and destruction and the nexus of form and formlessness. Moving thresholds and unruly scavengers taunt our susceptibility to ruin, detachment and inaction. Dancers are in flux. A physical lawlessness teases materiality, overthrows logic and unleashes new attempts. Change is the problem and the solution; earning transformation and the ability to reconnect.

Created by David Raymond & Tiffany Tregarthen in collaboration with the dancers.

Performed by Elya Grant, David Harvey, David Raymond, Lavinia Vago, Tiffany Tregarthen

Light Design by James Proudfoot

Video Light Design by Eric Chad

Sound Design by Kate De Lorme

Costume Design by Kate Burrows (vest by Hajnalka Mandula)

Mask Design by Lyle Reimer

Stage Management by Jessica (Ying-Jye) Han

Photos by Alistair Maitland


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