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Garden Dances 2020

Enjoying the low impact of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador, a partnership between Neighbourhood Dance Works, Kittiwake Dance Theatre, and DanceNL in August 2020 made it possible to present Garden Dances, a series of outdoor performances tailored to the audience’s individual location. Each ‘Garden Dance’ came with a detailed À La Carte Menu, providing the audience with the opportunity to customize their own backyard performance.

Households could choose between a range of music variations, choreographic structures and dance styles, so each performance had a unique artistic twist. Audiences were also able to specify days and times that worked best for them, making this event the perfect stand-alone experience or an exciting addition to a special occasion.

Designed with ‘social distancing’ in mind, this fun, accessible, and delightful event was suitable for all ages. Through a broadly targeted marketing campaign, we were able to bring a newly created choreographic work by Martin Vallée to a dozen homes delighting 64 audience members.


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