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What Remains

Neighborhood Dance Works worked with dance artists Molly Johnson (Cape Breton, NS), Meredith Thompson (Huntsville, ON) and Tina Fushell (St. John’s/Toronto) to turn their collaborative, community performance project, What Remains, into a digital project for kids and young people. Originally created for theatres, galleries and studio spaces, what remains invites participants into a collaborative self-exploration where they discover connections with one another while searching through their own pasts and imagining their futures.

In this iteration, the intimate performance work is transformed into a guided experience. Inside a microcosm of community, a group of participants are led through a series of prompts that invite us to ask who we are alone and what it looks like when we come together. what remains was designed as a kind of choreography of accumulation, equal parts memory and the moment at hand. Participants are tasked with answering questions, finding relationships, looking at their own past and future, and being active in the present through myriad ways. Through our devised act of convergence, we use presence and material to attempt to build a connected present, all the while mapping the traces we leave behind.

The work asks the questions:

Who is here?

What are we together?

How can we show this?


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