Neighbourhood Dance WOrks

As ambassadors for dance, NDW has a proud 35-year history, fostering the growth of a vibrant community that connects us with youth, regional artists and Canada’s most celebrated dance icons. A respected leader in the cultural milieu, we spearhead initiatives that put NL on the National stage. From artists with disabilities, to indigenous arts, to artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and to the avant-garde, NDW is proud to be on the leading edge of Canadian arts presentation.


Neighbourhood Dance Works (NDW) is Newfoundland and Labrador’s primary source of professional contemporary dance. Since 1981 NDW has been dedicated to the development of a vibrant dance community and the advancement of emerging and mature choreographers. We are committed to the creation and dissemination of contemporary dance through workshops, residencies and presentation. We support local dance creation and facilitate the exchange of skills and knowledge between local, national and international communities.


Our History

Lois Brown, Bennie Malone, Cathy Ferri, Peggy Hogan, & Mandy Jones in 1981

Lois Brown, Bennie Malone, Cathy Ferri, Peggy Hogan, & Mandy Jones in 1981

Neighbourhood Dance Works was founded in 1981 as a performance collective dedicated to creating innovative new dance works in St. John’s. As the organization developed, a performance series was established which showcased local talent, as well as work by leading Canadian dancers, making NDW the primary presenter of contemporary dance in the province. Throughout its history NDW’s activities have grown to include artist residencies, workshops and seminars, as well as presenting dance performance in a wide variety of venues to an expanding audience. Neighbourhood Dance Works has become a nationally recognized presenter of contemporary dance and has showcased internationally established artists alongside emerging choreographers and dancers, advancing the careers of many Newfoundland dance artists.

WHo We are


Calla Lachance: Artistic & Executive Director

Laura-Beth Power: Fund Development & Outreach Assistant

Lynn Panting: FND Coordinator

Victor Tilley: FND Technical Director

Chrissy Dicks: FND Publicist

Catherine Church: 2019 Summer Intern


Ruth Lawrence

Wendi Smallwood

Chelsey McNeil

Ann Connors

Gloria Williams

Andrya Duff

banner photo: NL Dance Project 2018, Christopher Darlington