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Ballet in Newfoundland
and Labrador

Ballet Kelowna is coming to Newfoundland and Labrador, from May 12 to May 30, accompanied by Newfoundland company Kittiwake Dance Theatre at select locations. Neighbourhood Dance Works is proud to co-present this tour in partnership with the Arts and Cultures Center. So, we prepared a little something! Our province has a long dance history, telling it all would take a long while, below we tried to showcase a few of the many interesting stories and talent from our local ballet scene and some of the work from a few friends far away.

Vintage Music Posters

Gallery: Posters Through Time

Many shows have traveled our province. From local companies to visitors. Here is a gallery of posters from a few of the shows that have come and gone.

Video: Ballet and Body

Newfoundland's Hannah Drover talks of the hard work behind ballet, her passion for the art form, and all things she has learnt and received from a career in dance.

Photo_Dave Mai_MAMBO.jpg

A Dance School Then

A look at the life and history of one of Newfoundland's first dance schools on record and its founder, Charles Henry Danielle.

Charles Danielle Henry.jpg
JennLabrador - creditScottNeary.JPG

Meet Jenn Edwards

“I’ve done the freelance thing where I had to temp, tend bar, or trek out to the suburbs to teach. That’s the life of a dancer.”

Video: Costumes and Shoes

Members of Kittiwake Dance Theatre show us the power of costumes and the work that goes into preparing pointe shoes.


A Dance School Now

Dance schools have changed a lot over the years.

Nomad Dance Studio in Stephenville does it all, “Sometimes people really go out of their way to see science and the arts as these separate categories, but I see a huge connection."

Meet Elisabeth Pardy Hartling

“It’s my job to create an optimal environment for my students. Not everyone will have a professional performing career, so their only dance experience could be at my school. It’s incredibly important to help create a safe environment and good memories.”

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Ballet Kelowna Provincial Tour

From May 12 to May 30 across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Co-presented by Neighbourhood Dance Works and The Arts and Culture Centre

Learn more here

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