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Oderin Residency

The Oderin project originated from an interest to explore a collection of exquisite poems by Agnes Walsh (Pedlar Press 2018). It is a a dance theatre creation - Co-directed by Charlie Tomlinson and Amber Borostik involving an exceptional cast of collaborators to date, including Agnes Walsh, Berni Stapleton, Bridget Wareham, Vaida Nairn, Cindy Stone, Mallory Fisher, Andrea Tucker, and Sarah Joy Stoker.

This collection of poems depicts Walsh's mother's difficult early life and her slide into dementia. A tender and raw account of a personal bond between a mother and daughter, the work brings rich and complex human experiences to life through a provocative multidisciplinary collaborative lens.

During the Month of February, NDW will support an Oderin Residency where the collaborators will develop the narrative and expand the framework of this interdisciplinary collaboration.

They will explore questions like: Whose perspective are they creating from and what is their expressive reality? Does the perspective shift? Is it slippery and changeable?

They will also use this time to explore both the spoken and unspoken language between mothers and daughters to determine essential themes, with a concentration on notions of remembrance, belonging to a place, and ancestral weight… etc.

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