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PIG: Performative / Performance Inquiry Group

More than ten years ago, Lois Brown and Lori Clarke began having a conversation about pain, trauma, embodiment, life, and performance. This conversation became an unfolding creative engagement with artists, exploring questions around embodiment, text, voice, identity, performativity, and performance.

Performative Inquiry Group (PIG) was born and has been presenting a couple of events a year since 2016, including works in process, performance-lectures, readings of choreographic notes and scores, and two programs of performance on the land. Since 2016, PIG has included artistic engagements with Jacinte Armstrong, Lois Brown, Lori Clarke, Andrea Cooper, Christopher House, Daze Jefferies, Leah Lewis, Josh Murphy, Thea Patterson, Candice Pike, Tedd Robinson, Sarah Joy Stoker, Christine Taylor, and Anne Troake.

PIG values holding space for discourse around artistic practice as research, with particular interests in the somatics of grief, trauma, and materiality.


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